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12th February, 2017

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(Oh, yeah, we draw every month. Did we forget to mention?)


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How to participate?

1. Like Animland's Facebook Page

2. Like the Video on Facebook

3. Share the video with your friends on Facebook

+4. Invite Friends in Comments for additional entry


Pebbles love simple rules, just like us.

Keep these things in Mind and enjoy the Game.


1. No Spams. We're not looking for free movies to Stream

2. Respect others in the comments

3. You can Share and Invite as many times as you want.

*Yep, the Penguin's name is Pebbles Flapperson.

The Prize

Choose a smartads Product from our site and We create your

20-seconds long Commercial. Write a maximum 75 words long gig for our Voice Actor and we deliver everything for you in late January.

Terms & Conditions

About the Game

The smartAds Promition Game is free for Everyone to participate without any country restrictions. To participate, Like Animland's Official Facebook Page and Share the current Promotional video on your own Facebook Timeline with your Facebook friends. If these requirements not met, the Participant will be disqualified from the Game.


About the Price

The Price is a 20-seconds long smartAds Commercial. Product can only be chosen from the current smartAds Products ( The Medical HUD Logo Animation cannot be selected. There are no restrictions of the Commercial's language, although we need the knowledge of English to fulfill the order. We can only provide English male and female voice-actors with American accents. The Prize does not include licensed music.


About the Delivery of the Commercial

We render the final product for you in high quality H.264 QuickTime which can be uploaded to most social websites. Before the final render, 3 revisions can be made for the Animation and 1 revision for the voice-over. The delivered Video is all commercial-free and licensed. The Project Files and 3D assets are not provided in the final Package.


What we need from you if you win

We are going to ask for Application Recordings and/or Screenshots of your Product. We will replace the Screens with yours. Furthermore, we need a maximum 75 words long gig for the voice-over, texts for the Commercial Text Placeholders and additional information on the App.



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